The Digital Workplace: Transforming Your Business

Understand the underlying trends that are pushing the workplace evolution

How are your peers embracing digital transformation in the workplace?

The Digital Workplace Report provides key findings on how organisations are evolving from a traditional office environment to a digital workplace.

In our Digital Workplace Report, find out:

Why 47% of organisations have employees working from home.

How far behind you are in drawing up a comprehensive digital strategy.

Why three quarters of organisations are leveraging trusted partners to implement workplace technology.

Why IT departments have to respond to end-users changing needs.

Listen to the webinar

Listen to the webinar

Digitalisation has changed how employees in your organisation collaborate with each other, support partners, interact with customers, streamline processes, and otherwise build a more effective, more efficient business. Enterprises need a digital workplace strategy to remain competitive and relevant in the current digital climate. Listen to experts discuss these and other challenges.


Evan  Kirchheimer: Research director, Enterprise Services, Ovum
Alex Bennett: Group Director: Digital Workplace, End-user Computing
Robert Allman: Group SVP, Customer Experience (CX) and Collaboration

Global insights on strategy, technology, and services

To assess how organisations are approaching digital workplace transformation, we surveyed 850 business and IT leaders who are driving technology and organisational changes within their companies. They are from organisations with 1,000 or more employees and represent a wide range of industries. To gain a global perspective we interviewed individuals whose companies are based in several countries around the world. Five regional reports support these findings:

Download the Global report

Download the Australian report

Download the Australian report

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