Managed security services

We offer consistent services to manage and optimise your security infrastructure

We deliver continuous protection of your organisation’s digital information.

Organisations face a complex threat landscape with an increasing rate of cyberattacks. Mobility, bring your own device, virtualisation, the cloud, and social media have opened new doors into your organisation. We provide you with the cybersecurity expertise and experience that you need to secure your organisation. Take advantage of our comprehensive digital security solutions that span your IT infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud, to respond swiftly to any security incident.

Our offerings

Managed email gateway

Managed E-mail Gateways

Ensures your e-mail gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively to provide you with continued protection from information leakage and cyberthreats distributed via e-mail.

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Managed Firewall Service

Protects your key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases with firewall management, monitoring and maintenance by our experienced security analysts.

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Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention

A fully managed, 24/7 service that protects your networks from attack and misuse, leveraging network-based intrusion detection and prevention systems.

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Managed SIEM

Detects and responds to IT security threats and breaches, mitigates risk and ensures compliance through the monitoring and management of security information and event management systems.

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Managed Web Application Firewall

Protects your key information assets across networks, hosts, applications, and databases.

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Managed Web Gateway

Ensures your web gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively, to provide your continued protection from information leakage and cyberthreats distributed via the Internet.

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Email Security-as-a-Service

Enables a consistent, ‘always-on’ email experience while protecting against email threats.

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Next-generation Firewall-as-a-Service

Delivers and supports the integrated security applications that enable you to better manage your security in cloud and hybrid IT environments.

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Real-time Threat Management-as-a-Service

Combines correlation, early warning and detection with 24/7 expert security analysis and incident response to keep your network ahead of today’s evolving risks.

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Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service

Includes firewall protection of web applications, distributed denial of service protection, web content optimisation, web load balancing and access to security experts.

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Web Security-as-a-Service

Ensures that your organisation can embrace cloud and social media technologies while protecting it from accidental data loss, malicious attacks, and emerging threats.

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