Success factors for managing hybrid IT

451 Research insights commissioned by Dimension Data

Hybrid IT: opportunities, challenges, and solutions

Exclusive new research reveals the current state of hybrid IT, the key management challenges, and solutions for overcoming them.

This invaluable insight from 451 Research and Dimension Data will help you:

  • Find out the current mix of deployment models organisations are using, and what workloads they are placing where.
  • Learn how organisations are inhibited by security and compliance concerns, the complexities of migration, and the challenges of automation and multi-cloud management.
  • See what services organisations are using to help with issues like application placement, migration, interoperability, and security.
  • Check what competencies in automation, service integration, and business continuity companies need from their service providers.

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Do you want to master hybrid IT to accelerate digital business?

We invite you to join Kevin Leahy, Senior Vice President, Data Centre Business Unit at Dimension Data and Kelly Morgan, Research VP of 451 Research in a recorded webinar on April 4th to understand the most common challenges faced when managing multiple IT environments and how to overcome them.

Kevin and Kelly will guide you through the hybrid IT maze and provide you with actionable steps to simplify the complexity of managing multiple enterprise cloud and non-cloud IT environments.

Research highlights

A visual representation of some of the most interesting data points.

The challenges of hybrid IT and how to overcome them

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Why does a digital business need to master hybrid IT?

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The shape of hybrid IT and how people are using it.

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What sort of help are people getting with hybrid IT?

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Expert opinion

Latest thinking from Dimension Data's subject matter experts on the results of 451 Research.

How to get your networking working for hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is all about using different platforms in different locations – and the network is the glue that holds them all together.

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How hybrid IT helps take the viewing experience of pro cycling to the next level

The Amaury Sport Organisation enables a digital viewing experience for ultimate fan engagement.

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Why abstraction and automation are critical to hybrid IT

Hybrid IT breeds complexity. There’s no doubt that hybrid IT is already a reality for enterprises.

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Facing the challenges of hybrid IT

IT leaders globally have embraced hybrid IT as ‘the new normal’ in optimising workload placement.

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The transformative potential of hybrid IT

If hybrid IT simply meant running one workload on premise and another workload in the cloud, it wouldn’t be that hard.

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Hybrid IT – security, governance, risk, and compliance

Sheer complexity. That’s what I’d say is the main challenge of cybersecurity in relation to hybrid IT.

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How we can help

Our services provide what the research says you need:

  • Help with infrastructure transformation, application strategy, and workload migration
  • The platforms, tools, and skills to enable automated and integrated management of your hybrid environment
  • Managed services in network optimisation, security, and business continuity

Client success with hybrid IT

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