Saving time means saving more lives

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Emergency care challenges in the Western Cape

Why improve emergency response times?

Time is the difference between life and death

‘You don’t work with objects here, you work with people’s lives… if you make a mistake here, somebody can lose their life.’

Lindel Solomon - paramedic, EMS Western Cape

Golden hour

The first 60 minutes after an accident are critical


Accurate information is shared between ambulances and hospitals


Optimising medical response for all emergency services

Human dignity

Quicker response, accurate info improves patient experience

Connecting response teams with patients

‘We needed a technology solution that was reliable, consistent.’

Dr. Shaheem de Vries - Director, EMS Western Cape

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Transforming emergency care through digital business

Digital infrastructure

Pinpointing the location of patients using Mobile Data Terminals and GPS capabilities.

Learn how digital infrastructure can unleash the power of data for your business.

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Digital workplace

Mobile data terminals connect response teams to patients and hospitals throughout the province.

Learn how you can embrace your employee workstyles with digital workplace.

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Hybrid cloud

Stable connectivity via a private cloud platform to mobile networks for SMS and data transfer from mobile devices in emergency vehicles.

Learn how hybrid cloud can help your business respond smarter and faster.

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More about EMS's achievements in emergency response

‘Technology has become so vast… it’s making a better life for everybody.’

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How EMS is helping people, faster

More about tracking, connecting, and IoT

‘We needed a business intelligence model that delivered according to our needs.’

Hyperconnected enterprises and the Internet of Things

Digital transformation inevitably results in multiple sources of new data. Here’s how your business can benefit.

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Digital healthcare

Read how healthcare is embracing digital business

Download Harvard Business Review Analytics Services’ IoT report