Cycling fans deserve a revolutionary viewing experience

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Why transform the viewing experience of pro cycling?

Fans demand a closer view

‘The next era is definitely digital. It’s key for professional sport and it’s key for cycling.’

Yann Le Moenner - Managing Director of A.S.O.

Rise of social media

Fans drive sport conversations via Twitter, Facebook, and more

Use of mobile devices

Sport news consumed while connecting via apps

Demand for data

Growing demand for accessible, real-time sport info

Closer fan experiences

Want a seat at the table, not just a ticket to the event

What makes tracking a live cycling race so challenging?

Race dynamics

198 riders, constantly repositioning at speed or breaking away from the peloton

Varied terrain and weather

Flatlands and forests, cobblestoned roads, mountain crossings, through wind, sun, rain

Crashes and bike swaps

Tracking devices fitted to bikes, not riders

Data volumes and connectivity

Tracking devices to be connected at all times, always transmitting data

Live tracking and data analytics in action

Here’s how the Tour de France solution works

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Transforming the fan experience in a digital world with...

Digital infrastructure

Real-time data on speed and location; live-tracking website, TV graphics, social media

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Hybrid cloud

Scalable computing to build solution in four months and support mobile data centre

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Workspaces for tomorrow

Agile, flexible working enabled by next-generation communication, collaboration, mobility

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100% system availability and protection of data to enable agility and innovation

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Pro cycling will never be the same again

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About partnership

Yann Le Moenner - Managing Director of A.S.O.

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Fan experience

Jérôme Gressier - fan of the Tour de France

Viva le teamwork in 2016

We helped the Tour de France tell great stories of pro cycling using data analytics in 2016. Here are some of the results achieved.

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More about the Tour de France’s race to digital

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Join the 2017 revolutionary viewing experience

See how we’re transforming the viewing experience of the Tour this year.
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Find out how machine learning and predictive data analytics help deliver new data insights and graphics during each stage of race.
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Live tracking and data analytics in action.
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More about live tracking and data

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Sydney Marathon

How real-time data transformed this iconic race

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