Event safety should move beyond crowd control

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Why move beyond crowd control?

All-round visibility means greater safety

‘Having the app meant that when we were standing, waiting for the peloton, we could keep a check on where it was, how far away it was.’

Brian Slater - Community Member, West Yorkshire

More safety

For riders and spectators, with no barriers


Needed clearer view of all police vehicles’ position at all times


Wanted to deliver a successful, world-class event

Early warning

To avoid unexpected blockages when peloton passes

What makes event safety so difficult?

‘We can’t be everywhere, all the time.’

Mark Milsom - Assistant Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police

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How technology expands horizons for police service

Live-tracking app for complete visibility

‘A bird’s eye view of the event is vital for policing.’

Mark Milsom - Assistant Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police


GPS tracker on every police vehicle


Real-time online map of police vehicle locations


Multiple vehicles and multiple police forces


Live availability of race position for spectators

Transforming policing in a digital world with...

Digital Infrastructure

Processed real-time data on police vehicle locations; presented on live-tracking website.

Learn how digital infrastructure can unleash the power of data for your business.

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Workspaces for tomorrow

Position of police vehicles visible on all mobile devices.

Learn how workspaces for tomorrow can evolve your employee experience.

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100% system availability during the race and protection of website and data.

Learn how cybersecurity can help your business risk less and achieve more.

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Watch the full West Yorkshire Police case study video

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