Customer experience

Create powerful connections with customer experience

We help you to create conscious customer journeys with powerful interactions across all your touch points

Customer experience

Create powerful connections

Here's how the right approach to customer experience can accelerate your digital business

The world has formed a digital skin. Customers want to dictate how to interact with your organisation, and digital is in high demand. We know that experiences are what matter, and we help to you create conscious customer journeys that are seamless, anticipated, connected, automated and analysed. You’ll be able to drive business performance and create customer loyalty that spans a life time.

How we can help you

We help you create an experience-centric business strategy

Conscious journeys

Create omnichannels where the customers’ journey is understood, analysed and personalised

Data supremacy

Understand and harness mass data through analytics and improve business performance

Cloud enablement

Future proof your business and access new functionality from the cloud

What we do for you

We help you achieve an agile environment that meets changing expectations

Contact Centre Development Model

We determine the current state of your contact centre and take steps to optimise integration with your organisation.

Customer Experience Maturity Model

We help you understand the current state of your customer experience and take steps towards maturity in your organisation.

Cloud and managed contact centre services

We provide a full range of outsourcing and managed services for IT, and business and contact centre operations functions.

Meet the great ones. Those who believe they can

The first step to greatness is believing you can. We celebrate those who believe in themselves: our people, our clients, and our partners. They're the great ones, and these are their stories.

Estudio de caso

Unilever impulsa la colaboración global y la sustentabilidad.

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Estudio de caso

BlueCare mejora el cuidado del paciente

Ver el video

Estudio de caso

How we helped WWF build a sustainable workspace for the future

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New perspectives

To sharpen your focus in a rapidly changing digital world, take a look at our latest research and insights.

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Other technologies that will accelerate your business

Infraestructura digital

libere el poder de los datos con infraestructura digital

Nube híbrida

Responda de manera más rápida e inteligente con la nube híbrida

Seguridad cibernética

Arriesgue menos y logre más, con seguridad cibernética

Espacios de trabajo del mañana

Haga evolucionar su experiencia de clientes y empleados con espacios de trabajo para el futuro

Why Dimension Data for Customer Experience?

Proven experience

Track record of 450+ contact centres and 30,000+ workforce optimisation seats deployed worldwide

Turnkey solutions

Reach seven billion + customers a year with solutions we’ve built

Contact centre expertise

Employ over 580 dedicated contact centre experts around the world


Top-tier partnerships with Cisco, Genesys, Avaya and NICE Systems

Let’s talk about how customer experience will accelerate your digital business.

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