Greipel takes final stage and Froome cruises to Yellow Jersey victory

It's a Tour de France hattrick for the British rider from Team Sky, Chris Froome

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Our technology in action – how does it all work?

See how the race data is captured, analysed, and delivered to different screens around world.

Data analytics in action

24 July 2016 Stage 21 113 kms Chantilly / Paris Champs-Élysées

Stage 21 profile
Stage 6
Total distance raced so far
3529 KM
Total distance left of race
0 KM
Average speed of stage 21 winner
41.5 KM/H

Explore the technology powering the Tour de France


Have data centre, will travel

Taking technology to the road for the next stage of cycling transformation

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Accelerate your digital business with technology used in pro cycling

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Digital transformation on the CIO's agenda

Find out why the Tour de France is an example of how organisations from all industries are adopting digital business.

How we transform the world of pro cycling


Live @ Le Tour 2 – Infor-mo-tion!

When we say the Tour de France is one of the best stories we have to show data analytics in action, we really mean action!


Live @ Le Tour 4 – Up in the cloud

Dimension Data's cloud platform is a critical component of the technology solution we deliver at the Tour de France.


Live @ Le Tour 3 – Collaboration station

Workspaces for tomorrow - how technology connects our Tour de France team from around the world.


Strengthening cybersecurity at the Tour de France

Here’s how Dimension Data’s cybersecurity solutions helped protect against cybercriminals during the 2015 Tour de France.

How cycling inspires greatness

The Tour de France enters a new era Play video


How we did it

Olympic cyclist Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio

As female Olympic cyclist, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio's story is about persistence, having the courage to break through self-created limits, and reaching success through sheer willpower and commitment.


How far will you go for greatness

See how John Maclean’s ambition gave him an inspiring experience at the 2015 Tour de France.

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